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TTX in Ukraine completed

The EU-funded program Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership countries phase 3 (PPRD East 3) has developed a new method for a digital hybrid solution for Table Top Exercises (TTX). On May 26-27, the first exercise was held in Kiev, Ukraine.

“This digital hybrid exercise makes us learn in new ways. We see several benefits, of course for the environment but also for information management, which turns out to be very systematic and effective with this method ", says Hanna Norell who is Team Leader for the program.

The Ukrainian participants gathered at their respective institutions and connected to an online environment with exercise control and observers from different places around Europe. Participants were presented with a realistic disaster flood scenario, based on a past event. The disaster had a cascade effect and escalated through injections with secondary impacts for the participants to manage and act on. Evacuation, Covid-19 and public concern on social media are some examples of trials that participants were managing.

Management that were practiced are Early Warning System, Response, and Host Country Support. The exercise aimed to test coordination, information management and decision-making processes in the event of a major disaster in Ukraine. The participants were representatives from civil protection agencies, line ministries, hydro-meteorological services, local authorities, civil society organisations and the Red Cross.

The participants agreed that they do not hope that they need to experience this kind of national disaster, it is a real risk that we all need to prepare for every year. Positive collaboration between European and Ukrainian colleagues and inter-agency practice were also highlighted as important aspects.  

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participants acting on injections participants in from of screen
participants acting on injections participants acting on injections

Photographer Alexander Gorohovskiy.

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