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TTX in Moldova successfully completed

30th June-1st July the PPRD East 3 Team conducted a digital Table Top Exercise (TTX) in Moldova.
 Participants following instructions on screen Close up on 3 participants   map of the affected area 
The participants faced a scenario based on the June 2020 floods on the Ukrainian/Moldovan border, where the Prut river basin was mostly impacted. During the two day exercise, we tested the use of met data for hydromet events, development of warning bulletins, Host Nation Support (HNS) and the activation of Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), Civil Society Organisation participation to Civil protection activities, Civil Protection response mechanisms and communication flows.
"Working towards resilient societies is not something that we can achieve alone and in isolation. This require efforts and actions from many different stakeholders. The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that adapting, learning and development of our capabilities and disaster risk management systems are key features of being a Civil Protection actor, as we continuously strive to do more and better to serve the needs of the people before, during and after a disaster." Matilda Axelsson, PPRD East 3 Programme Manager,
Project management