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Table Top Exercise in Armenia

The PPRD East programme is conducting a Table Top Exercise in Armenia 15-16th September. During the two day exercise, the participants are facing a wildfire scenario based on a past event with hot, dry and windy conditions.

Throughout the realistic exercise, the fires are rapidly progressing , where the participants are facing a scenario of about 1600 HA burned area. The PPRD East 3 team of experts are testing Civil Protection response mechanisms, communication flow and inter-agency coordination, the activation of Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) and Host Nation Support (HNS) functions.


The PPRD East 3 Programme is conducting the series of TTX in the Easter partnership region as part of the assessment phase and the results will lay the foundation for the design of the programme implementation. The TTX is managed through a digital hybrid set-up, where participants attending the exercise in Armenia are located together or by institution. The experts from the implementing consortium and other participants based outside Armenia, join the TTX by web conference. Through a digital platform and tools, observers will be able to follow the actions taken by the responding actors in real time.

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