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Season's greetings

Another year has come to an end and the PPRD East 3 team would like to take the opportunity to thank all partners for an eventful and successful year of implementation. The decline of the global COVID-19 pandemic has enabled us to finally meet in person again, a much awaited development, which has reinforced the partnership building within the programme with a more personal touch. It has been wonderful to see the engagement from all participants taken part in different trainings and workshops throughout the year, and it has been particularly heartening to see our friends from Ukraine taking part in some of the activities as well.

We would like to highlight some of the successful collaborations and achievements within PPRD East 3 over the past year:

  • Finalization of Regional Disaster Risk Assessment Guidelines, with the intention to propose a consistent approach for disaster risk assessment.
  • Assisting in the immediate crisis deriving from the conflict in Ukraine, the programme supports the humanitarian operations with impact-based forecasting data through a daily issued bulletin.
  • Execution of the Trainers of Trainers programme, the Emergency Preparedness Training and the UCPM Basic and Operational courses, with great results.
  • Participation of all partner countries in the EU Civil Protection Forum in Brussels.
  • Several national-level TAMs and Workshops executed.
  • Strengthened local presence with the Team Leader Peter Glerum permanently deployed to Tbilisi and the recruitment of our Local Coordinators in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and soon also in Azerbaijan.

The coming year is expected to be even richer in activities, not least with the Regional Full-scale Exercise (FSX) coming up in June 2023. It will be an exciting event and the planning is in full swing with the Emergency Management Service of Georgia and the execution team. On behalf of the PPRD East 3 Consortium, we want to thank you sincerely for your efforts to support our programme activities and invest trust in us which underpins strong results and continuing success.

We wish you a prosperous and joyous New Year, and we look forward to working closely together in 2023!

Hanna Norell, Matilda Axelsson & Jessica Forsman

On behalf of the PPRD East 3 Team

Project management

Videos about the programme

Collage with photos from the full scale exercise

The PPRD East 3 programme aims to increase the resilience to disasters in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. The programme supports to establish an early warning early action-based civil protection approach.
This approach was practiced during a full-scale exercise on forest fires in Tbilisi, Georgia in May and June 2023, aiming to strengthen inter-institutional and regional coordination. Forest fire is a prominent risk in all partner countries and we are stronger together.

Watch the video about the exercise here: TbiEx2023


 Peter Glerum in a profile photo giving a quote on our apporach

In this video, PPRD East 3 Team Leader Peter Glerum is explaining the overall programme objectives. We have chosen to focus on forest fire risks as it is a prominent risk in all partner countries. We focus on supporting the change from a response based approach to disaster management in an early warning, early action based multi-stakeholder approach. Integration of gender, human rights and environmental perspectives is key in the programme implementation.


We are testing the capacities of civil protection systems, learning from the past and preparing for future events.

Follow the link to watch how we have adapted the method for Table top Exercises in order to fulfill our commitment to the programme, despite of COVID-19 restrictions.

Practical Guidelines for integrating gender, human rights and environmental issues in Disaster Risk Management

Practical Guidelines for integrating gender, human rights and environmental issues in Disaster Risk Management

The Guidelines build upon global standards and best practices and present practical advice on how to integrate gender, human rights and environment into nine thematic areas of the programme. Examples of thematic areas include, training and exercises, Multi-Risk Assessments, Early Warning Systems, Public awareness, volunteerism and Host Nation Support. The document has been produced in collaboration with the PPRD East 3 programme experts and partner countries’ organisations to enhance the quality and relevance of the guidance. The Guidelines was produced as an interactive online resource and is available in English and Russian.

Read the document in english
Read the document in russian