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Visit to Azerbaijan

2022-05-05 kl. 14:38
27-29 April, our Team Leader Peter Glerum travelled to Azerbaijan to visit our partner at the Ministry of Emergency and other important stakeholders. The purpose was to establish good relations for our future collaboration and to focus on practical possibilities for support from our side, based on the analysis of the current situation. “My overall view is that Azerbaijan has a huge capacity and a good staffing in the domain of emergency management. I was happy to receive confirmation of their full cooperation with the programme and the willingess to work together”, Peter says after his visit.

Field visit to Moldova

2022-04-28 kl. 15:53
18-19th April, PPRD East Team Leader Peter Glerum and technical experts Lorenzo Massuchieli and Matilde Sangalli visited our partners in Moldova.

Meet our new Team Leader

2022-03-14 kl. 10:48
Peter Glerum, the newly recruited Team Leader for PPRD East 3, has landed in Tbilisi, Georgia where he will be stationed for the remaining programme period.

PPRD East 3 strongly condemns the war

2022-03-04 kl. 08:40
The PPRD East 3 programme strongly condemns the military aggression in Ukraine and stands with the affected people. It is with dismay we follow the news during these dark days in Europe.

Round table Host Nation Support

2022-02-10 kl. 11:22
The 1st Regional Round Table for Host Nation Support (HNS) Focal Points was conducted on 2 February 2022. Partner countries Georgia and Moldova were actively participating in the meeting, which was set up in an online format.

Regional Workshop on Disaster Risk Assessment

2022-01-28 kl. 11:41
25-26 January 2022, we conducted a two-day Regional workshop dedicated to Disaster Risk Assessment. Understanding the risk that we are facing is the foundation to any mitigation and adaptation actions. Experts from the Partner countries, the consortium and EU member states met to share their experience and develop a common method to assess the risk from disasters. The workshop was facilitated by Ms Tatiana Bedrina, Disaster Risk Assessment Expert, CIMA Research Foundation.

Upcoming event: Regional workshop on development of Regional Disaster Risk Assessment Guidelines, Tbilisi Georgia 25-26 January.

2022-01-20 kl. 09:58
We are hosting the second part of the two-part Regional Workshop on the development of Regional Disaster Risk Assessment Guidelines in Tbilisi, Georgia 25-26 January. The workshop is dedicated to the development of unified disaster risk assessment approaches, which provides knowledge of the many different dimensions of disaster risks, such as hazards, exposures, vulnerabilities and capacities at a regional level among PPRD East 3 Partner countries.
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We are testing the capacities of civil protection systems, learning from the past and preparing for future events.

Follow the link to watch how we have adapted the method for Table top Exercises in order to fulfill our commitment to the programme, despite of COVID-19 restrictions.

Practical Guidelines for integrating gender, human rights and environmental issues in Disaster Risk Management

Practical Guidelines for integrating gender, human rights and environmental issues in Disaster Risk Management

The Guidelines build upon global standards and best practices and present practical advice on how to integrate gender, human rights and environment into nine thematic areas of the programme. Examples of thematic areas include, training and exercises, Multi-Risk Assessments, Early Warning Systems, Public awareness, volunteerism and Host Nation Support. The document has been produced in collaboration with the PPRD East 3 programme experts and partner countries’ organisations to enhance the quality and relevance of the guidance. The Guidelines was produced as an interactive online resource and is available in English and Russian.

Read the document in english
Read the document in russian