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December updates

2023-01-02 kl. 11:19
Happy new year! In December, the PPRD East team wrapped up 2022 with several programme activities. Among them, the first planning Conference for one of 2023's biggest events, the Full Scale Exercise in Georgia in June.

Season's greetings

2022-12-20 kl. 14:19
Another year has come to an end and the PPRD East 3 team would like to take the opportunity to thank all partners for an eventful and successful year of implementation. The decline of the global COVID-19 pandemic has enabled us to finally meet in person again, a much awaited development, which has reinforced the partnership building within the programme with a more personal touch. It has been wonderful to see the engagement from all participants taken part in different trainings and workshops throughout the year, and it has been particularly heartening to see our friends from Ukraine taking part in some of the activities as well.

Programme activities in November

2022-12-05 kl. 15:57
We are in an intense phase of the programme implementation and during the month of November, we have had several successful programme activities in our partner countries and in our consortium countries. Here is a brief insight in our experts' busy schedule.

Local Coordinators

2022-12-05 kl. 15:45
The PPRD East 3 team is happy to announce that we have recruited local coordinators in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2022

2022-10-13 kl. 10:18
13 October marks the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. This year, the focus is “Substantially increase the availability of and access to multi-hazard early warning systems and disaster risk information and assessments to people by 2030”. Early warning systems and preparedness can enable early action to minimize the harm to people, assets and livelihoods and within the PPRD East programme, our experts work to support our partners to strengthen and develop the basis for modern and functional Early Warning Systems. It is the focus for Work package G within the programme.

Civil Protection Forum, Brussels 28-29 June

2022-06-30 kl. 13:39
28 and 29 June, the 7th edition of the Civil Protection Forum was organised by the European Commission. It was the first forum after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training of Trainers in Finland

2022-06-09 kl. 09:55
June 7 – 10 the PPRD East programme is hosting a Training of Trainers course in Kuopio, Finland. The course will strengthen the training knowledge in our partner countries and focus on theories of learning and applying them to practise, as well support the participants in developing skills related to the whole training cycle.
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We are testing the capacities of civil protection systems, learning from the past and preparing for future events.

Follow the link to watch how we have adapted the method for Table top Exercises in order to fulfill our commitment to the programme, despite of COVID-19 restrictions.

Practical Guidelines for integrating gender, human rights and environmental issues in Disaster Risk Management

Practical Guidelines for integrating gender, human rights and environmental issues in Disaster Risk Management

The Guidelines build upon global standards and best practices and present practical advice on how to integrate gender, human rights and environment into nine thematic areas of the programme. Examples of thematic areas include, training and exercises, Multi-Risk Assessments, Early Warning Systems, Public awareness, volunteerism and Host Nation Support. The document has been produced in collaboration with the PPRD East 3 programme experts and partner countries’ organisations to enhance the quality and relevance of the guidance. The Guidelines was produced as an interactive online resource and is available in English and Russian.

Read the document in english
Read the document in russian