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The programme M&E system aims at serving the main purposes of promoting results accountability, continuous learning for programme adaptability, steering and risk management.


M&E allows for continuous learning to further informe the programme design and its implementation. Planning, monitoring, and evaluation are not discrete events but are designed to be cyclical, with one feeding into the other. Thus, the programme M&E is regarded as an integrated part of the programme management and implementation.

The programme embraces an outcome based approach. This implies that the M&E focuses on outcomes, which are defined as behavioural changes within the programme’s direct target groups. Two complementary approaches are used for the programme M&E. The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is the foundation for the M&E system of the programme, complemented by Outcome Harvesting to enhance the outcome based focus of the programme. In both cases, M&E processes are highly participatory with the involvement of the stakeholders from all Participating Countries.

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